Home by 6:30 on the dot. Cat fed and dinner on the stove by 7. A quiet meal, alone at the dining table, staring at a beige wall by 7:30. Dessert, on the days when he’s feeling a little naughty or just doesn’t care, by 7:45. Continue reading Gene


“Pick me up.” He looked at the locked front door, then the room itself, wondering if he was hearing things. “Look at me.” He put down the book he was reading and tip-toed around the room, trying to locate the sound. When he got to the opposite end of the room he looked back at … Continue reading Algo

The Grifter

He sat in his well-appointed dressing room and stared through himself in the mirror, not seeing his imperfect facial features and flabby body under his clothes, but instead the idealized version of himself concocted out of thin air, made into mythology, and sold to the masses as a genuine article of American entrepeneurship and social … Continue reading The Grifter

City on Holiday

Major holidays in the city are like turning down the volume of a boisterous song. Transient renters scatter to the suburbs of their youth or families. Work mostly grinds to a screeching halt. Those with nowhere to go don’t try. You can walk for blocks without seeing another soul outside. And when you do a question always comes to mind – what are they doing here? Continue reading City on Holiday